Cost: $600
Sessions Available:
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First Camp | Day/Overnight Camp

First Camp is designed for 6-7 year-olds venturing into their first away-from-home experience to gain the best of both worlds: Day AND Overnight Camp! Campers spend Monday and Tuesday participating in Day Camp programming. On Wednesday morning, First Campers bring their sleeping bags and pillows to move into cozy cabins with their buddies to experience all that overnight camp has to offer. Please note - We do require all First Campers to participate in the overnight portion of the week. Campers checking in and out can be discouraging to others as it may be their first time experiencing a stay away from home. On Friday morning, first campers will move out of their cabins and will rejoin day camp to finish out their week. Friday afternoon, First Campers will check-out like usual. 

Counselors for First Camp are specifically chosen to care for this age group, and campers spend each day at Widji under their constant care and supervision. Each counselor will also play a part in helping your First Camper unpack and get settled into their new cabin, and will also help ensure that they have everything to have a successful experience. 


(include but are not limited to)

  • Swim time at the lake or the pool
  • Create fun arts & crafts projects
  • Fly down the mini zip
  • Go on nature hikes
  • Bounce on the Kangaroo Jump
  • Visit all the friendly animals at our farm
  • Huddle around the campfire and more!

Transportation: Any transportation that you have arranged will remain the same for the week. For example, if you have signed up your camper to ride a bus, they will ride the bus morning and afternoon on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday morning they will ride the bus (along with their overnight gear) and will return on the bus Friday afternoon. Car riders will resume pick up as normal on Friday. 

Note: On Monday, each camper is given the opportunity to take a non-mandatory swim test in our pool. If they pass the swim test, they will not have to wear a life jacket in the pool. Life jackets must be worn in the lake.

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