Speeding through a pirate ship water slide. Mixing music in a professional studio. Tacking and saddling horses.

These are just a few of the magical activities available to campers at Widji.

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Archery Range at Camp Widjiwagan, Nashville, TN

Archery Range

Widji archery ranges provide equipment and tools for participants of various abilities and experience. Our staff often jazz up the range with balloons, fruit or other wacky targets!
Kids in art barn

Art Barn

Our air-conditioned art barn is a hub of creativity where campers can take a break from physical camp activities to focus on creating their own art projects. Campers take home their works as a camp souvenir.
Baseball field

Athletic Complex

Our athletic complex helps campers get in the game with fields and courts for softball, tennis, volleyball, street hockey, basketball and soccer.
Beach swim atea

Beach Swim Area

Our beach area is where kids get to practice their swim skills; slide the 150-foot Wet Willy Water Slides and bounce on the famous "Blob."
Widji Bell Tower

Bell Tower

Also known as the "Central Lawn," campers get together in the Bell Tower area for games as well as Nation and Village activities.
campers climbing tower

Big BUZZ Tower

Our 53-foot Big BUZZ Tower is designed to help campers’ confidence reach new heights as they ascend one of its indoor or outdoor routes. Trained and certified ropes staff supervise children at all times and lead all climbing activities.
Boe's Jam Shack

Boe's Jam Shack

At Boe's Jam Shack campers can play the electric guitar, drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, piano and more! Outfitted to support practicing, performing, creating and recording music, campers can also learn how to record their own track.
Cedar Theater

Cedar Theater

The Cedar Theater is where we begin and end each day of day camp. We feature daily events at this performance stage, including everything from dance parties to serious stories about being a true friend.
Central Pavilion

Central Pavilion

At the Central Pavilion, campers rehearse their nation cheers, have a snack or simply spend time with their counselors.
Elcan Ball Field

Elcan Field

Our Elcan Field hosts pick-up games of baseball, softball, kickball and other recreational sports.
Goonies Plunge

Goonies Plunge

Campers travel down a pirate ship through this fast, fun and refreshing double-tube water slide, splashing into Percy Priest Lake. The pirate ship's deck is also accessible to participants where you often find buccaneers hoisting their flag up the ship's mast!
Kangaroo Jumper

Kangaroo Jumper

More than 30 feet long and 10 feet wide, the Kangaroo Jumper is a great place to jump and bounce during your Camp Widjiwagan adventure!
Mineshaft activities at Camp Widjiwagan, Nashville, TN


Campers race through tunnels and race against their friends to the finish in our 20-foot long mineshafts.
Mt. Widji climbing tower

Mt. Widji

Mt. Widji is where campers are introduced to basic wall climbing.
Pool and Splash Part at Camp Widjiwagan, Nashville, TN

Pool and Splash Park

Every camper swims every day! Campers enjoy swimming activities suitable for their age under the supervision of camp counselors and four licensed and trained lifeguards.

Pottery Pavilion

This pavilion serves as a hands-on, minds-on creation space for campers during the summer. Counselors guide camper in creating 3D pieces that campers take home to treasure forever, including candles, cups, pinch pots and more!
Flag Football

Sports Fields

Campers play Ultimate, flag football, capture the flag, soccer and more on our versatile sports field.
Tennis Courts at Camp Widjiwagan, Nashville, TN

Tennis Courts

Whether it's singles or doubles, we serve a set of campers who love tennis and want to match up.
Horse barn

The Barn

The Barn is home to YMCA Camp Widjiwagan's stable of horses. It's also where campers get to practice their horsemanship skills.
Triple Giant Swing

Triple Giant Swing

Scream and laugh at the same time, with up to two of your friends! Every child determines their comfort level when it comes to height. Trained and certified ropes staff supervise children at all times and lead all climbing activities, including the Triple Giant Swing.
Kids playing soccer

Turf Airnasium

This shady sport arena is the perfect place for campers to play soccer, football, kickball and other fun games. The open-air facility is also uses for Big Games, outdoor movie nights and campouts!
Volleyball Courts at Camp Widjiwagan

Volleyball Courts

Campers gather their friends for friendly face-offs, serves, lops and volleys on our sand volleyball courts.
Kids in wood shop


Under the careful supervision and guidance of staff, camper use saws, hammers, wood burners, screwdrivers and more to explore the art of woodworking. Trained staff monitor and guide campers, who take home their artifact at the end of the week.

Zip Line

Campers race each other as they soar down our twin zip lines.

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