Cost: $370
Sessions Available:
1-10 Last Blast

Bobcats Nation | Day Camp

(formerly Warriors)

Bobcats are guided by their caring and compassionate counselors to grow in the 4-Core Values of honesty, caring, respect and responsibility.

Bobcats join tribes with campers of the same age and gender. Each tribe has a dedicated counselor who guides their campers throughout the day and facilitates camp activities.

The Bobcats' daily schedule allows campers to participate in activities as a tribe, choose independently for the free choice period and spend time with their whole nation at swim time.

Activities Include

  • Swim time at the lake or the pool
  • Create fun arts & crafts projects
  • Take a banana boat ride
  • Fly down the zip line
  • Participate in the Big Game
  • Dress as your favorite character on Thursday & more!

Note: On Monday, each camper is given the opportunity to take a non-mandatory swim test in our pool. If they pass the swim test, they will not have to wear a life jacket in the pool. Life jackets must be worn in the lake.

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