Cost: $370
Sessions Available:
1-10 Last Blast

Bears Nation | Day Camp

(formerly Braves)

In Bears Nation, 5- to 7-year-olds grow in responsibility, independence and healthy relationships. As camp begins, campers join tribes with other kids of the same age and gender.

Throughout the week, counselors lead their tribes to each awesome camp activity! The Bears Nation chant can be heard all over camp during lunch and assembly times!

Activities Include

  • Swim time at the lake or the pool
  • Visit Widji’s farm animals
  • Take on the Giant Swing
  • Jump on the Kangaroo Jumper
  • Ride a banana boat around a Percy Priest cove
  • Fly down the mini zip line
  • Create fun arts & crafts projects & more!

    Note: On Monday, each camper is given the opportunity to take a non-mandatory swim test in our pool. If they pass the swim test, they will not have to wear a life jacket in the pool. Life jackets must be worn in the lake.

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