Camp Widji Pavillion

Over the next few years, we are seeking generous partners to help us create a year-round experience for campers both young and old by donating to Widji 365.

What is Widji 365?

Widji 365 is our ongoing philanthropic effort to enhance our current camp experience and expand it beyond the summer months. We accomplish this primarily through building additional year-round facilities and improving our current facilities.

Expanding our future with quality facilities

Most of our camp facilities were built with only summer programming in mind. By making key capital improvements and expanding our programming beyond summer, we become a positive, permanent influence on campers of all ages.

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Drowota Outdoor Pavilion


Project impact:

  • Shady space for meals during summer
  • Expanded healthy options include hot bar, salad bar, drink stations and more!

Estimated cost: $425,000

The Frank Drowota Outdoor Pavilion's upgraded outdoor kitchen will greatly improve our food delivery for up to 200 at a time.

Additional 8 Cabins

Widji Cabins

Project impact:

  • Added capacity for camps
  • 72 additional beds
  • Expanded Family Camp

Estimated cost: $1.5 million

Additional cabins will help us increase our camp's capacity to serve resident campers and offseason guests.

Widji Water Stations

Water stations

Project impact:

  • Evening swim programs
  • Increased program capacity
  • Year-round swim lessons

Estimated cost: $2.5 million

This expansion to our current swim area will increase our aquatic programming capacity and provide a nighttime swimming area.

Indoor Riding Arena

Riding Arena

Project impact:

  • Year-round activities
  • Extended Equestrian Center hours
  • Increase Ranch Camp capacity

Estimated cost: $750,000

A new indoor arena extends the summer ranch camp experience into the offseason, allowing us to offer year-round programming.

Tree House Village


Project impact:

  • Lodging for 60-72 guests at a time
  • New themed programming
  • New, unique camp experience

Estimated cost: $1 million

Our tree house village will help us create a new themed camp experience for campers and provide additional lodging for offseason events.

Tree House Village Pavilion

Treehouse Village Pavillion

Project impact:

  • New meeting space
  • Additional dining facility
  • Outdoor seating

Estimated cost: $1.5 million

This building will be the center of the Tree House Village, providing a new place to gather, build relationships and enjoy meals together.

Pirate Ship Building

Pirate Ship

Project impact:

  • Unique meeting space
  • Additional themed programming
  • Multi-purpose use

Estimated cost: $2 million

The flagship facility for Camp Widjiwagan, the Pirate Ship Building will provide three new meeting spaces and host themed programming.

Airnasium Renovation


Project impact:

  • Additional program space
  • Year-round programming
  • Multi-purpose use for year-round events

Estimated cost: $1 million

This will convert the current airnasium into a multi-purpose facility for meetings, performing arts and sports.

Learn more about Widji 365

If you would like to learn more about donating to Widji 365, please contact us at 615-360-2267 or via email.