Play works.

At the Joe C. Davis YMCA Outdoor Center, we have the activities to help your group let loose, relax and rejuvenate.

  • Ascend to new heights. Embark on an adventure. All with your friends, family and coworkers.
  • This is how we shoot the breeze.
  • Hop in and paddle to peace, quiet and relaxation.
  • Ready for some high adventure? We are too.

Choose your adventure

On today's agenda: master archery. Conquer the alpine tower. Sail to sandy shores.

Become a master of professional play today.


Play street hockey, basketball, or other hard-top sports in our Airnasium.

Archery Range

Learn how to become a master marksman at our archery range.

Kangaroo Jumper

Perfect for youngsters, the Kangaroo Jumpers lets you bounce around all day long.


Race your friends, family and co-workers down our 200-foot-long Mineshaft ride.

Mt. Widji

Learn the basics of rock climbing, and challenge your group to make it to the top!

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